• Influencer Marketing

  • DDPR ensures your brand is aligned as near to your target market as possible. Not only do we research, source and engage the best performing influencers who match your exact requirements to reach your objectives, we also execute and manage the campaign from start to finish, provide detailed monthly reports outlining all of the content generated and all of the key stats such as ROI, impressions, reach, engagements, traffic, leads and sales.

    We help to analyse your clients current audience, increase awareness, engage, launch a product, grow and drive sales, generate content  and then match them with influencers who also have a similar audience across their social media channels. We pride ourselves in being bespoke and inclusive; in every aspect.

    Diversity and Inclusion

    We stand for representing people of colour, LGBTQI+, disabled people and marginalised communities, ensuring a diverse range of influencers are featured throughout all the work that we produce and continue to support, delivering PR campaigns for brands with sustainability at their core.