• Music PR

Headphone with other professional audio studio equipments.
  • DDPR bespoke Music PR  is focused on artist growth, and delivering exceptional results and creative campaigns that are guaranteed to attract the listener's eyes and ears. We are committed to building an all-encompassing solution for musicians, songwriters, bands and industry professionals to take your personal careers to the next level and beyond.

    • We also run global and national PR campaigns across digital, print, feature and cover stories
    • Writing press releases and commissioning authors for biographies, brand deals and publicity shoots
    • Coordination of photoshoots, exclusives and interviews
    • Working collaboratively with artist management, labels and agents to ensure all PR activity is fully integrated
    • Budget management and campaign strategy and much more.

    Our aim is to help with these distractions and let you focus on writing and gigging and guide your release to all the key industry professionals and decision makers. BTW.. we are also totally approachable and  pride ourselves on evolving and trying to remain ahead. It’s not straightforward Music PR anymore, and our team knows this.

  • Unsigned Talent

    DDPR also works with unsigned talent with expert advice and direction as it pertains to their professional image and building a long-term career. We know what journalists look for and have always aimed to build the bridge between our clients and their brands and  media.

    We strategise and negotiate hundreds of partnerships every year on behalf of our clients which affords DDPR access to exclusive information, incomparable insight and unrivalled negotiating power.